Pre-Authorized Payment Application


Pay your rent the hassle-free way! 

Take advantage of the benefits offered by 3R's easy Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (not available at 18 Tinder Crescent, 235 Brookbanks or 582-588 Lawrence Ave West.



With our new
pre-authorized payment option, your rent payment is made automatically on the first day of each month.

Saves Money

Tired of paying high bank charges? Our pre-authorized payment plan means you do not have to issue monthly rent cheques, saving you cheque-writing fees that your institution may be currently charging you.

Saves Time

Are you sometimes away from your apartment at the beginning of the month? Are you forgetful? Do you have to rush to the bank to get a money order? Our pre-authorized payment plan saves you time!


Never again will you have to worry about your payment reaching our office on time or getting lost in the mail. It's all done automatically for you!



Fill in the form below and deliver a "Void" cheque to your Superintendent to complete your application.

Name *
Not available at 18 Tinder Cresent, 235 Brookbanks or 582-588 Lawrence Ave. West
Main Phone Number *
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Secondary Phone Number
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Agreement *
The undersigned hereby agrees to pay to 3R Properties the total rental amount monthly as disclosed in the MONTHLY RENT stated above for the duration of my (our) lease. I/We hereby authorize the Landlord or its agent to debit my (our) account as indicated on the "VOID" cheque (sample shown below) or as indicated on documentation provided by my (our) financial institution (sample shown below) which I (we) have attached with this form. I (We) will inform the Landlord in writing of any changes or cancellation of this authorization at least 30 days prior to the date of the next pre-authorized payment withdrawal. Cancellation of the authorization does not terminate my (our) lease. I (We) agree to the charges of $20 (plus applicable interest) for any payment that cannot clear my (our) account the first business day of the month. I (We) agree to allow the Landlord to adjust the amount withdrawn from my (our) account automatically to reflect legal increases/decreases as communicated by the Landlord to the Tenant in writing at least 90 days prior to taking affect, unless otherwise noted in writing to the Landlord 30 days prior to the next withdrawal.

Sample Cheque

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.53.20 PM.png

You don't have a cheque?

Simply ask your bank to provide you with a Pre-Authorized Transaction Form.